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Raku ~Comfort Beads
Raku string picture

I have certain foods that I think of as "comfort foods." Well, let me introduce you to "comfort beads"! Raku is a Japanese term that implies comfort or happiness. The raku firing technique originated in Japan in the 16th century. The process used in Peru and elsewhere today differs substantially from the original Japanese process.

In the most common process used today, pottery or beads that have been painted with special glazes are fired to approximately 1800 degrees, then removed from the kiln. The hot ceramic pieces are then placed into a pit or container containing combustible materials. The flames that result are quickly smothered as a tight cover is placed on the pit. This combination created an oxygen-starved “reduction” atmosphere. This reduction process results in the unique colors and luster of Raku ceramics.

These beads have been thoroughly "stressed" in the process that creates their earthy colors. Let them take away your stress when you wear these comfort beads!

Note: Expect variation in color, patern, and size in Raku beads. All that stress has had its effects!


Oval  9x14mm
Oval 9x14mm


Oval  9x15mm
Oval 10x17mm


Oval  9x15mm
Oval 9x16mm

Oval  9x16mm
Oval 10x15mm


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