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High-fired ceramics are exactly what the name indicates--they have been fired at higher temperatures for extra strength. In the time I have seen selling and using them, I have never seen a broken one--although I am sure it is possible. They all have beading holes of at least 4mm, which makes them even more versatile. There is a small variation in size, and some have the design more strongly imprinted than others. Be sure to click on the pictures to see another view, and read the notes for each style.

Medium Celtic Tube,<br> 10x20mm; a very popular pattern.  The spot on the bead where the ends of the Celtic design meet is often kind of messy.
HF1- 35
Medium Celtic Tube,
10x20mm; a very popular pattern.

Mini Celtic Tube, 6x8mm;  imprint sometimes fuzzy.
HF2- 15
Mini Celtic Tube

HF6<BR>Medium Diamond Tube; 10x20mm; strong imprint.<BR>HF7<BR>Thin Diamond Tube;  6x20mm;  design imprint sometimes weak.<BR>HF8<BR>Mini Diamond tube; 6x8mm; imprint usually strong.
HF6- 35
Medium Diamond Tube; 10x20mm.
HF7- 35
Thin Diamond Tube; 6x20mm.
HF8- 15
Mini Diamond tube; 6x8mm.

HF14<BR>Long Flower Tube; 10x24mm; strong imprint.<BR>HF15<BR>Medium Flower Tube; 10x20mm; strong imprint.<BR>HF16<BR>Thin Flower Tube;  6x20mm;  imprint usually strong.<BR>HF17<BR>Mini Diamond Tube; 6x9mm; strong imprint.
HF14- 35
Long Flower Tube; 10x24mm.
HF15- 35
Medium Flower Tube; 10x20mm.
HF16- 35
Thin Flower Tube; 6x20mm.
HF17- 15
Mini Flower Tube; 6x9mm.

HF22 Medium Egypt* Tube; 9x21mm.  HF23 Thin Egypt* tube; 7x21mm; imprint medium to strong. HF24 Large Egypt* Oval;
HF22- 35
Medium Egypt* Tube; 9x21mm.
HF23- 35
Thin Egypt* tube; 7x21mm.
HF24- 35
Large Egypt* Oval; 14x20mm; shape varies.
HF25- 35
Large Egypt* Round; 12x14mm.

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