Ordering Information, Shipping, Our Privacy Statement & Other Important Information

Ordering Information - Once you are ready to order please send an email to: orders@isleofbeads.com with the following information in the body of the email:

1.For each item you wish to order:
a. The item number, if there is one. Ceramic animals do not have numbers.
b. A brief description.
c. The listed cost.
d. The quantity you want to order.

2. Your name and mailing address and a phone number, just in case there are email problems (It does happen!).

3. The method of payment you wish to use.

We will send you a email verifying your order.

Methods of Payment. We accept the following:

1. We accept Visa and Mastercard. To give us your credit card information, please call:
541-752-BEAD (2323). This is our bead store (Day Dreamers) in Corvallis, Oregon. We can keep your credit card number on file if you wish. Never send your credit card information through non-secure email!

2. Send a check or money order to this address:

Day Dreamers
905 NW Kings Blvd
Corvallis, OR 97330

We will probably wait to see if your check clears if you are a new customer. If we know you and you have been a good customer, we probably won't. Depends on the mood of our Money Goddess. Please include your phone number if it is not printed on your check.

3. Pay by PayPal. If you have used it before, you know how it works. Send your hard-earned e-dollars to this address: montegon@isleofbeads.com. If you have not used paypal before, and would like to, go to this link:

Referral to PayPal from the Isle Of Beads

If you would like to learn more about it you can go to their FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.

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Shipping, or: what will it cost to get your beads from the Isle of Beads to you... (It is unlikely there will be any ships involved, so I don’t know why it is called shipping, but y’know, that’s the lingo.)

Our shipping philosophy: We generally charge you only true shipping cost, or very close to it. We do not believe in price gouging on shipping or anything else. We will send you an email (or make other arrangements) with your total costs before you pay anything.

Where do we ship? We happily mail beads and other cool items to anywhere in the United States or Canada. If you are somewhere else, and you really, really want to order from our wonderful web site, write to us at info@isleofbeads.com and we will try to help you.

USPS First Class Mail (US only):
-Packages under 7 ounces: $3.00
-Packages 7-12 ounces: $4.00
-Packages over 12 ounces must be shipped by Priority Mail

Priority Mail (US only):
-Packages up to one pound: $5.00
-Packages over one pound: Priority Shipping cost depends on your zip code, or "ZONE.”

Check the US Postal Service website, www.usps.com, for more information. If you want to get shipping estimates, our zip code is 97330.

Shipping to addresses outside of the US: We almost always use Global Priority Mail. Like everything else, rates vary by package weight and distance.

Insurance: It is entirely up to you whether you want to insure your package or not. It may delay mailing for a day or two. The rates change so often, we no longer try to list them on the website. We generally do no think insurance is worth the cost or the hassle. We always take special care in wrapping your beads because we are saddened when any bead gets broken. If anything does get broken because we did not package it appropriately, we usually replace it.
HOWEVER: if a package gets squashed, mashed or pulverized while in transit, that is beyond our control. So take that into account when you consider whether you want insurance.

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There Is No Minimum Order.

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Privacy Policy. Yes! Like any web site worth their salt,we do have a privacy policy, and here it is!

1. We value privacy and we don't much appreciate all the ways that it can be intruded on these days. So, we will do everything we can to protect the privacy of any information you send us.

2. We will absolutely never, ever, sell, give, barter, or trade your name, address, or any other information you give us to anyone, anywhere, anytime. With one, little, bitty exception: if you write and tell us you are a criminal, or do anything of an illegal nature, we might consider passing that information along. Especially if you try to cheat us.

3. We will never call you at dinner time to ask you insipid questions.

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Back Orders. We are a small operation, so we will occasionally run out of things listed on the site. We will do our best to indicate on the site when we are out of something, or when something is sold. Many items we will not be able to re-stock, so when they are gone, they are gone. If we can restock, however, we will let you know and ask if you would like to wait or reorder later.

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Returns. We certainly want our clients to be happy. We like to be happy too. So, if you are unhappy about any purchase, let us know, because if you are unhappy and never want to come back and do business with us again, we will be very unhappy. So if there is a problem, or even if something is different than you had expected, we are happy to accept it back for a refund of the purchase price within 14 days so long as it is in the original condition . This means that if it is worn, broken or abused we cannot take it back. Sorry, but we can not refund any mailing costs.

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